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This page is dedicated to Křešničkas around the globe. Most of the families are located in the Czech Republic and United States, but please send me a note to let me know where you are!

The Kresnicka families date back many generations in southern Bohemian towns such as Strakonice and Dolní Poříčí. I live in New York now. My grandfather, Augustin, created an extended family tree, but unfortunately much of his work was lost after he passed away in Chrudim. I have seen the name as far as Slovenia (for example, the Galerija Kresnicka).

Where did the "Kresnicka" name really originate? Is there a meaning? If you have any clues and would like to add to this page, then just email me.

For an interesting web site dedicated to Bohemian and Moravian geneology, visit IARelative.

This page is open to all Kresnickas. If you have any suggestions or links then just let me know!


New York
January, 2002